• Spine Pain

  • Disc herniations, nerve injuries, and degenerative or arthritic joints are common causes of spinal pain. 

    Here at Baar Chiropractic we use the most up to date evidence based treatment protocols for spine pain.  All of our treatment procedures are non invasive (or non surgical).

    A few of the techniques we use for managment of your spine pain:

    End Range Loading: 

    Series of exercises to help increase range of motion and decrease pain. In some cases the pain can be decreased immediately.

    Myofascial Release:  

    Technique used to decrease muscle adhesions and increase blood flow to damaged muscle tissues.

    Manual Distraction: 

    Used to help decrease disc pressure in damaged or inflamed discs.

    And many more…

    ​Don’t ignore the pain your in, do something about it!